Friday, June 29, 2007

A License to Fish - per James Bond

Everyone knows that some forms of fishing require a fishing license. My advice to you is "don't get caught without one unless you have a wad of dough in your wallet."

The state of Connecticut, for example, has many different types of fishing licenses. What you probably want is the resident fishing permit. It is $20.00 and worth every penny.

In general, you need a license to fish fresh water (i.e., inland lakes, rivers, and streams). If you are deep sea (or inlet) fishing, a license is not required. But there are limits to what you can take (and leave):

The CT Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has done a tremendous job of organizing fishing information for residents of the State of Connecticut. Look into the DEP in your state.

And one more thing...even though some fishermen and women keep their secret spots to themselves, I have chosen to divulge my tip for the day: Trout Parks. The State of CT has designated 11 parks as trout parks. This means that these parks are stocked with trout (by the state) and with a fishing license, you can go get 'em...with your license to fish. Cast safely!

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