Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Foot - peche-ish

I read an article today about a tiny Turkish carp that is used in the beauty industry in Japan for -- get this -- PEDICURES! A salon in Alexandria, VA is now performing the procedure...for a price!

These tiny fish nibble (they are toothless, so maybe they suck) at the feet of customers. This would actually make sense because the carp that I have seen do not have teeth but rather large, velvety lips.

Check this out!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What's in a URL?

Have you ever logged onto a website using a URL that you thought was correct? And what you received was merely a different website? Sometimes, it is actually really very embarrassing what you find. Like once, I put in www.boa.com (looking for Bank of America) and I got a beaked bird on my screen. They really should recoin the phrase “surfing the web” and change it to “fishing for URLs!”

The other day, I typed in the following website by mistake, thinking it was my own: http://www.fishinchix.com/shop/pc/home.asp

I have now learned about a woman-owned business called fishin chix – they specialize in lots of fishing related activities.

So, what’s in a URL?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Pro-Party Boat

A couple of weeks ago, I went on a party fishing boat in Provincetown. I took our friend Mark - he LOVED it. They took us for stripers and blues...we managed to catch sharks. And only sharks. One kid caught a pretty awesome fish that looked like a sea carp. Very cool.

Party fishing boats are a "reel" blast if you allow yourself to accept that (a) the gear is not yours and (b) the guy running the gig knows it all.

We went out for 1/2 day. It was $35.00 a head and they provided the bait, rods and reels, and sodas for a buck. For the money and time, it was fun!

When I was a kid, we did the party boats out of New London, CT. The one we took was called the Mijoy. I believe that they are still in operation today!

Next time you're planning a fishing gig for the family or time out at sea with friends, think about a party boat. Totally fun and reasonable!