Saturday, June 23, 2007

Parental Influence

As a child, I can remember fishing on Doctor's Lake in Orange Park, FL off of the dock of my maternal grandparents. We used cane poles, saw sea cows (commonly known as the protected Manatee), and caught mostly perch and an occasional bass. Most of this fishing was done alone, as my grandparents weren't truly fisher people. They lived on a lake and they didn't fish. Whatever.

In my recent adulthood, I had the pleasure of living on Lake Oscaleta in South Salem, NY. Bass and trout heaven. I could fish any time I wanted. Bliss. My father, the true fisherman in the family, would revel in each visit. He even caught a 25 lb carp while we were eating lunch. Email me for the picture!

My father taught me everything I know about fishing. Loading a reel. Tying knots. Which bait to use. Instincts. Using live bait. The ethics of catch and release. Trying new things. Getting up at 3:00am to go fishing. Finding the "spot." Casting right in to the spot. Trolling during downtime.

My cousin Christopher and I both love to fish. We have since we were little. In Maine, we catch mackies (mackerel) to use as live bait for the highly coveted striper (located in a cove to go unnamed near Muscongus Bay).

My grandfather had his own worm farm (vermicompost) - I remember lifting the plywood to toss in some cornmeal. He was interested in fishing. But he was more interested in breeding worms than threading the hook just so. In other words, he was not the "influence de peche" for me.

My father always has been and will continue to be the best fisherman I've ever known. Patient. Knowledgeable...My dad buys sawbellies (AKA alewives) for lake bass and trout and eels for stripers. Who's your daddy?!

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