Friday, September 2, 2011

Toby's Pond

Toby's Pond is practically in my back yard. I lived in Beacon Falls in 2008-2009 and since moving back, I have had a hard time finding local fishing spots (other than the Naugatuck River that flows under the bridge to the train station).

I was recently having an appetizer at the local restaurant in the town, Full Harvest. I asked if they knew of any local fishing spots. As it turns out, one of the cooks fishes every day. Toby's Pond was his recommendation. Here is a great writeup about the pond.

I set out early this morning - around 7:30am. I packed a few snacks and a drink. With my tackle box in hand and pole in the Jeep, I crossed onto the O&G property on which the pond resides. It was super quiet and the water was so calm. I started out using a surface lure - a hula popper - and got a strike with the first cast. I cast again, close to the shore, and caught a feisty small mouth bass. Delighted at the promise of a rewarding fishing excursion, I kept this pace going for about an hour, catching four more fish.

I switched to a rubber worm after a while and that is when the big one hit. An 11" large mouth bass, sluggish at first but then it put up a good fight. I wish I had had my cell phone with me so that I could have taken a photo. It was a beautiful fish.

This fishing excursion may very well be the last of the summer, as I start a new job on September 6th. It is my hope that the fish I caught today will be there when I return.