Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lake at Dawn

The faint, light mist flows up off the water.
Slowly revealing that the water is warmer than the air
I watch the sun slowly rise in the east. Minute by minute.

As the sun crests over the distant mountains, the mist grows thicker
Prompting the first cast onto the glassy surface in front of me.

Strike - a trout - snaps the early daylight snack and runs with it.
My reel spins out more and more line as I pull and follow it slowly across the mist covered glassy lake. From my kayak.

The mist dissipates slowly as the morning breaks , leaving a colorful rose, coral hue on the lake, indicative that day is here, the mist gone, revealing the vulnerabilities of early morning fishing. The best time of day.

Quiet. Peaceful. Serene. Misty. Vibrant. Real.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Connecticut Angler's Guide

Sometimes, everything you need to know about something you love is right there under your nose. For the past couple of years, I have found fishing spots by searching the Internet or by referral from other fishing pals.

No more searching...

I recently came across the 2010 Connecticut Angler's Guide for Inland & Marine Fishing. This little mag contains listings and descriptions of all bodies of water in the state of Connecticut. It includes information about the types of fish in each pond/stream/lake, as well as accessibility information (motor boat/shore fishing), etc. This little guide is going to make my summer more peaceful - well, at least less stressful in terms of finding a "spot to fish."

To use a term engrained in my mind by my father..."everyone needs their own spot." I look forward to finding many new fishing spots this summer.

(If you're interested in obtaining a copy of the guide... go to the counter at Sports Authority and ask for it).