Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Fishing is a BLAST!

I came across an article on Dynamite Fishing. Basically, you throw a stick of the red into an area populated by fish, and bam! All of the impacted fish float to the surface, stunned from the experience. You can read about it here. Not only is this dangerous, it also kills an unnecessary number of fish who sink to the bottom. Sometimes, their air bladders are ruptured and then sink (die) rather than float (die anyway from the gill-seeking pescatarian). But better the fish go to good use than waste on the floor or the lake, creek, or ocean. The other area, for ocean dynamite fishing, are the coral reefs. Sometimes, fishermen use dynamite to release snags on coral (with their fishing nets). Dynamite Fishing is scary business. Don't try this at home.

City Fishing

It is hard to find places to fish in the greatest city in the world. I did finally venture to Prospect Park over the summer, and managed to catch nothing (except a rubber and rope dog toy, abandoned by its owner). I just want that spinning of the reel, and the chase of landing a fish. It reminds me of my leisurely spring and summer days and evenings on Oscaleta Lake in South Salem, NY. Living there was a dream. Calm waters. Trout half way down in the middle. I even had my own boat with a quiet, electric motor. I caught fish all of the time and it is times like the present when I realize how much I took that amazing situation for granted. My parents came to visit me a couple of times when I lived there. They loved the thrill of catching lots of different types of fish, from large mouth bass to walleye to perch. It was just an amazing place.