Friday, July 13, 2007

Tying the Knot

Today's edition is not about marriage...or mergers and is about using the right knot at the right time when you are fishing.
Depending on your situation (fresh water or sea), you will have ample opportunity to revamp your line, adding new tackle or lures. You might get snagged and the line breaks. You might be blue fishing with a plastic leader instead of metal. Chomp, those sharp teeth steel the bait, hook, and half of the leader.

Here are some general rules for tying knots that might save you time (and line):

  • Knotting line to a swivel: My recommendation here is the clinch knot. Be sure to use a little saliva when tightening the knot so that it is tight, tight, tight.

  • Tying the line to a leader: The Uni-Knot is the failsafe method. I have witnessed the use of the wrong knot - which can lead to mayhem and lost fish. Be sure to learn this basic knot - if you don't already!

  • Tying line directly to the lure: I use a Rapala knot to tie the line directly to the lure. Click here for an animated demo. This is another type of knot that should be readily applied when needed.

The following sites have additional samples of fishing knots:
The Jump Net
Grog's Fishing Knots

So, before you "tie the knot," educate yourself on the use of different knots. It will reduce the chances that your fishing experience will come untied.

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