Thursday, June 21, 2007


In 1995 (or thereabouts), I was at a party. I overheard someone say that they would never buy a bike unless it had Shimano parts - and only Shimano. Soon following, I went shopping for a used bike and what do you think I bought? Every single part (chain, breaks, you name it) was Shimano.

The same applies to most of my fishing gear. Shimano poles and reels. The Shimano name lends itself to quality, durability, and good, solid equipment.

Shimano is also promoting a program called, "Take Me Fishing." This program encourages children (and families) to spend time outdoors instead of indoors and stresses the importance of nature and its beauty.

I know that for me, fishing has always been a source of respite - a chance to face the challenge of getting the fish while exercising patience. I have found that fishing is a true way to connect with nature while respecting it at the same time. I love to fish - even if I don't catch anything, the anticipation of knowing that I might only fuels me for the next experience.

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