Sunday, December 30, 2007

Tipping the Scales

Well, we are just about to head into another New Year. You know, that time of year when resolutions ring in your head and your credit card bill reflects a new gym membership or a weight loss plan purchase. Whatever your resolution may be, make it one that you can realistically achieve.

For instance, I recently had someone tell me that they were going to do more volunteer work this year. My resolution is to become a big sister through the big sister program in Naugatuck.

I'm not sure why New Year's resolutions tend to focus on weight loss. Why is it that we focus on what we have to lose as an individual when it is possible that there might be so much that another could gain from just a little of our time? Why not combine the two - for example, start an outdoor hiking/fishing program for underprivileged youth. This meets your need for exercise and provides a structured outdoor activity for kids.

So, let's Tip The Scales This Year in a different direction!

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