Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mid-Winter's Night Daydream

It is possible to daydream at night? I think it is! The winter is a perfect time to conjur up ideas for travel, adventure, and future goals. I daydream at night a lot - it gives me a chance to take a pulse on the accomplishment of my goals.

For example - surf casting. Last year, I bought surf casting rod holders for my Jeep. I envision myself driving up to the surf on the Cape in Massachusetts or Rehoboth or Dewey Beach in Delaware, lights on at night, casting live or fake eels for stripers. I have ALWAYS wanted to do this - I have this feeling that 2008 is the year for this very event. I will be in Provincetown in February - not really striper season, but definitely a chance to enjoy the coastal fishing village in the off season!

My problem is that I am obsessed with adventure. Learning new things, seeing new places, and exploring. I would love to surf cast a few beaches from the Cape to Delaware - just for fun. I don't know from where my obsession derives. I am just very interested in seeing new places, doing new things, and trying to learn better, more efficient ways, of functioning as a fisher-woman!

My nephew received the gift of a fishing trip from my brother for Christmas, complete with waders and fishing poles. I never saw the eyes of a child so wide with anticipation and excitement. My father shall accompany them, wherever they decide to go. I love planning fishing outings - especially when a child is involved.

So, the rule is to daydream this winter. Daydream a mid-winter's night daydream. You never know what adventuresome ideas you might develop and act upon. The winter is a time of contemplation, yes, but it is truly a time for dreaming, planning, and preparing for spring adventure!

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