Sunday, December 9, 2007


The concept of persistence touches many areas of my life. Between my interests (fishing and golf), my personal life, and the recent professional challenge of finding a new job during the holidays, experience with persistence has paid off.

Persistence pays. I can hear my grandparents as they drill this concept into my mind.

The key to persistence, as I see it, is knowing what you want and not settling before you obtain it. Sometimes considered akin to stubbornness, persistence is different. Persistence is an underlying passion, a drive, a motivation, an "I won't settle for less than what I deserve" approach to life. Persistence has paid off for me recently during my job search. I was selective and picky, focusing on four specific companies. I was able to choose which one I wanted at the time that was right for me. Persistence put me in a very fortunate position - for which I am grateful. I am also very lucky to have wonderful friends who helped me stay focused by listening to my ideas, goals, concerns, and what have you.

The level of persistence that I practice in my life has occasionally been viewed as overbearing (by some). I employ such levels of persistence not because of a deficiency, but more from the perspective of knowing exactly what I want and truly striving to get it. I have always been an extremely goal-oriented individual. I believe that my persistence will continue to bring me what I long as I am patient. One receives nothing without patience, time, gentleness of heart and soul, and perhaps most importantly, love, passion, understanding, and selflessness.

Persistence. It's like casting over and over again into the same spot because you know the fish is under that tree on the edge of the lake. Cast and you shall be rewarded. Persistence and patience shall bring you what you deserve.

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Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

I suppose congrats are in order by the way you have worded this post? If that's the case... I tip my hat to you, my friend. I wish you much success in what you have chosen!!