Sunday, October 28, 2007

"Just Keep Swimming"

If you have ever seen the animated movie "Finding Nemo," then this statement makes complete sense

Dory, one of the lead "fish" (narrated by Ellen Degeneres) strives to conquer the ocean with Marlin, the father of Nemo, who has been snatched by divers for an ultimate new life with a dentist's little niece, Darva! Despite her oddities, forgetfulness, and slight A.D.D., she manages to "just keep swimming" and leads Marlin to a reunion with his son.

Determination. Fortitude. Goals. Striving to reach new heights and accomplish new life dreams. During a very low time in my life a few years ago, my friends started calling me Dory. They called me Dory because they saw that despite the odds, I just kept swimming.

In life, do we really have any other choice? If you don't keep swimming, you are not moving forward. And if you don't move your fins and propel yourself forward, you stay still and cease to make progress.

Did you see a boat?

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