Thursday, October 18, 2007

Surrogate Mommy Fishies

Something is fishy with scientists (or at least science) these days. Just when we thought the days of embryonic research were enough, it appears that some lab dwellers are engineering the offspring of certain species of fish.

This is actually a very interesting theory - because as fisher people, we all know that certain species are approaching declining numbers (i.e., stripers and certain types of tuna). Can you imagine the idea of "no limits" with regard to reeling 'em in?

In a recent article on NPR, John Nielsen states, "a team of scientists used the technique to inject cells from an endangered species of salmon into trout. If all goes well, the trout should produce salmon."

All I have to say is that if this is successful, we will never be justified in the excuse that they just were not biting....and "we have no bonito" at the Sushi restaurant? No more. And just when you thought that Chilean Sea Bass was $22.00/lb. Try the price of cod.

This story is prime territory for puns - scaling back the research, a "hook, line, and sinker" of an idea. I won't bore you. But I will tell you that this idea should have hatched at the advent of the human embryonic era. I guess they were incubating the idea...slackers!

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