Sunday, July 29, 2007

Fishing Ponds and Lakes

Fishing ponds and lakes can be a different experience than any other type of fishing. You might find a spot under a tree or cast from a bank. If you're lucky, you can rent a boat and fish for the day (at a larger lake such as Lake George in NY) or you can bring your own boat (with a trolling motor).

With their usual educational flair, the CT Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) offers a guide for fishing ponds and lakes in the state of Connecticut. Remember that wherever you fish, you must have a license (resident or non-resident) to do so.

When fishing in ponds and lakes, remember that the water is more stagnant than in a river or the ocean. Many ponds and lakes are fed by springs underneath. Others are fed by small brooks or rivers. The point is that you need to create the action to catch the fish. Here are some general tips:

  • Shiny crankbaits - these are the ones that you have to work!

  • Rubber worms (rigged ) - you can buy these pre-made (with hooks and eyelet). Cabelas manufactures rubber worms (like the example available through the above link) that are weedless (weed resistent) - they have a v-prong that connects to the hook to prevent entanglement in things like lilies or weeds. Bass love rubber worms!

  • Live Bait - fish are attracted to things that move. Crawfish. Sawbellies. Nightcrawlers, shiners. Again, it is all about action. Live bait is a fail safe method for catching fish. For example, if you're using fish to catch fish (such as sawbellies), you will need a bait bucket with an aerator to keep them alive and perky.

You can always refer to the guidance that is out there for finding fish (bass, in particular) in unfamiliar waters!

Overall, enjoy the opportunity to spend some time fishing in ponds a lakes. The fish are fun and lakes are calm and serene. Have a blast!

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