Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Fishing

Many profess that fishing in the spring or summer is best. I've recently read in a few magazines that fish are fatter and hungrier as the weather gets colder. It makes sense, really. Kind of like a bear that stores up for winter or a squirrel that gathers nuts in anticipation of the advent of the colder winter months.

Through my fishing experience, I have learned that fall is really an ideal time to fish. The weather is milder and the water isn't as warm (so the fish don't go deep in search of colder temperatures). Fish "pop" at this time of year; they "strike" and some strike hard. To me, there is nothing more exhilarating than the strike of a nice fish. The "strike" comes, the line zings, and the race is on.

I have no excuses for not fishing as of late - I live one block from Long Island Sound where, on some weekends, droves of fisher folk flock here to fish. I can remember car doors slamming this past summer at 3:30am. And then brief, low conversation. Ah, the thrill of it. The excitement to get out and fish can "strike" before dawn. And dawn is an ideal time to cast a line in search of that "strike," pull, and reeling thrill. Sheer bliss.

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