Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Unsold Christmas Trees Used to Make Habitats for Fish

I recently read a fantastic article in the NY Times about a group that places unused Christmas trees in the bottom of lakes. These are the surplus trees that would typically get mulched or composted. Wow. Have they found an innovative use for these trees! Click here to read the story.

In placing the Christmas trees in the bottom of lakes, an automatic protective, nesting environment is created for various fish species. This makes a desirable condition for struggling fish populations. It also provides an amazing fishing experience for anglers.

According to the article, this program is done in a variety of larger lakes across the country. It is truly an amazing idea. But then again, I'm a big "sap" for making all beings (including fish) feel cozy and protected. I love this concept and plan to track the placement of the trees (that is, which lake) so that one day, I can catch an ornamental fish of my own. Now, I've got you hooked!

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