Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Get Reel!

A couple of years ago, I went fishing with my cousin. It was overcast in the morning and we had trouble catching bait. In Maine, mackerel is used as a primary bait fish. The trick, though, is to catch enough to go into the coves for stripers.

I was using a lightweight shimano rod and reel, which stood up easily to the mackerel. Upon discussing things with my cousin Crit, it was decided that they would not stand up to a strong striper. My poles went underneath and out came his baitcasting reels.

Shimano makes a Calcutta reel. These are designed to feed line fluidly right off the boat. The reel floats the line off of the spool, feeding it out as the bait fish swim. These reels are rarely used for casting, but I suppose it would be possible with chunk bait. The only risk might be back lashing.

Investing in a few good reels is a must for anyone who is an avid fisher. My freshwater equipment is up to par, however I need to make an investment in saltwater equipment. This Calcutta (of which my cousin is an owner) looks like a nice idea.

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