Monday, July 5, 2010

Today, I was driving around in the high heat thinking about some of the best fishing spots I've experienced. I have to say that the red fishing trip I took with my parents in Tampa Bay tops the list of excursions-de-peche I have ever had.

The experience was cumulative. First, we had to catch some bait. Our guide used a casting net to catch small bait fish and loaded these into his live well. Once we had the requisite amount of bait, our guide tried to get us to hook into some tarpon. There was an area of grove like trees along a waterway (you can actually see the roots of the trees). My mom cast into that area and definitely had a tarpon on. This thing was so strong that it snapped my mom's line.

Next, he took us to a popular flat area that seemed to be frequented by other fishers. Immediately, we caught a redfish. These fish actually have a dime-sized, black dot in their tails. This is a decoy (defense mechanism) against other predatory fish. You see, they approach the redfish thinking that the black dot is their eye when in reality, the dot is on their tail which enables them to sense the vibration of a predator and they are able to escape. You can see the dots in the picture above.

A great fishing trip!

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