Monday, July 12, 2010

What's Scup with that?

Tonight, I wandered over to West Haven to the jetties that typically host a fisherperson or two. Tonight, I came across a dozen on one and two on another. They were all fishing for Scup.

Also known as Porgy, Scup can be found anywhere there are rock formations. Milford and West Haven have plenty of those. But do you know that even with 12 poles in the water, these folks hadn't caught a thing at the time I arrived. We had a brief conversation and I reassured them not to give up as the tide was on its way in.

They were fishing with sandworms, which if you have never seen one, check out the photo at the top! Be careful when thredding these puppies. They do have pincers inside of their mouths!

What's Scup with 12 fisherfolk and no fish?

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