Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oregon Fishing

I was recently in Oregon (for reasons other than fishing). It was amazing to see all of the bodies of water. The Columbia River Gorge had a few fisher folk here and there but the smaller rivers were scant with fishers. The coast (Cannon Beach and Seaside) was primarily surfers. I didn't see one fishing boat!

While there, I visited Multnomah Falls. It faces the Columbia River Gorge. This natural waterfall is the 3rd largest in the world. At the base of the falls, there was a placard that described the different species of fish in Oregon (salmon and trout). When we were walking up to the falls, there salmon in the river below, swimming north (or trying to!).

My next fishing journey will definitely be in Oregon. And I plan on bringing my little brother whose fly fishing skills are far more advanced than mine. Besides, he is fun to be with and very calming to me!

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