Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Down East Magazine covers Rangeley Lake

Once touted as a lake full of bass and a river full of trout (with cabins and boats to boot), Rangeley Lake is a fisher's paradise.

This month's issue of Down East magazine covers the fishing in Rangeley Lake (as well as a partial review of the accommodations). The article focuses on trout and bass. The pictures are beautiful, really.

I've been going to Maine every summer since I was a child. I have never taken the opportunity to fish inland (i.e., lakes and rivers). I have always hit the ocean, as that is the locale of the tiny coastal fishing village (Friendship) that my family has frequented since 1948. An article like this has prompted me to consider other ventures. I mean, it is nice to dream of stripers up the St. Georges River, but why bat an eye at a lake that is connected to a river (via a man made dam) that is FULL of wonderful fish?

I will ponder an overnight stay. Here is information on Rangeley Lake Resort.

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