Monday, March 10, 2008

Dam! What a Great Idea!

Well, if you have paid attention to the news lately, you read about the influx of water into the Grand Canyon. Thanks to the Federal Government, you can now enjoy class 5 rapids...just kidding.

The release of 300,000 gallons of water/second into the Grand Canyon is a Federal experiment to determine if nutrients and sandbars can be rehabilitated by opening dams and flooding rivers. If I were a hungry fish, I'd be excited.

In the Housatonic River in Connecticut, it has been stated that the fish are fatter and happier as a result of a similar influx of water, however natural (i.e., flooding). Hard to believe the influx of H20 would be good for fishing, though. I mean, if the "floods" brings added nutrients, plankton, and other plant life, why would a fish want to nibble a gnatty fly?

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