Friday, February 22, 2008

Fishing 101

When you started playing a sport - any sport - you were a beginner.

Just think back to your beginning days on the tennis court. Learning about deuce, scoring, foot faults, acing, lobbing, and game, set, match. When you learned how to play golf, a whole new dictionary emerged: par, bogie, eagle, birdie, bunker, drive, chip, and the list goes on. Fishing, believe it or not, doesn't really require an extensive vocabulary. It does require patience...and the possible recognition of a few things in your tackle box... like needle-nosed plyers, leaders, and a Dare Devil.

If you have never fished (or only in a derby when you were 8), the most important thing is to hope to catch, if you catch something, you will be absolutely thrilled with yourself. It is all about managing expectations!

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