Thursday, January 10, 2008

Florida Fishin'

A friend of mine recently approached me to assist her in planning a fishing trip for her to take with her nephew. Alas, a fishing guide travel agent I just might be…how fun!

My recommendations included a few options for a great fishing excursion: red fishing in Tampa Bay, butterfly peacock bass fishing in the Everglades, and possibly a charter out of Ponte Vedra. I recommended against Cabo since it is too far and for obvious reasons, probably over the top for a 14 year old.

Red fishing in Tampa Bay
Last May, my parents chartered a boat to go red fishing in Tampa Bay for the day. We caught tons of redfish with this guide and even hooked into some snook, which are awesome fish to fight. He cleaned the fish and we ate it for dinner - fresh, yummy - did sesame soy I think. Anyway, the guide's name is Greg McCullough - southern gentleman and explains everything. Click the link above - and tell him I sent you! Phone 813-478-5310

Tampa also has lots of other stuff to enjoy - beaches, great restaurants, golf, etc. You have to hit Frenchy's Cafe in Clearwater for a grouper burger (or two). And Crabby Bills...and Island Grille...

Butterfly Peacock Bass
While I have never gone on a charter with these guys, I follow their site (it is a link on this blog – see left). They seem to know their stuff. Butterfly peacock bass fishing is fun - I did it as a kid in Orange Park, FL at my grandparent's house on Doctor's Lake.

Here is their website if you want to check it out!

Overall, there are lots of options for Florida fishing. Considering it is a state that is surrounded by water, you shouldn’t find that hard to believe!

Ponte Vedra Charter
Another option is Ponte Vedra – Atlantic side – near Jacksonville. This resort offers tennis, golf, and guided fishing trips.

Florida is surrounded by water. In addition, there are lots of inlets, lakes, rivers, and streams, not to mention intercoastal waterways which provide lots of fishing opportunities. Canals can offer a nice afternoon of feet-in-the-water fishing off of somebody’s dock.

Roll up those pants and get your feet wet!

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Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

Wow, this truly sounds amazing. What an experience it would be to fish the waters of Florida. You never know what I just might do in my days of my retirement!!
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