Saturday, November 17, 2007

Casting the Employment Net

Just when you think that your life is stable. Good job. Nice place to live. Nice car. Savings for a year or so. Some investments. Then one day, you go to work. The HR rep calls you into a conference room. You look at her and say, "This better be a huge promotion," judging from the look on her face. Her face writhes in agony, only to reveal a meek, "please sit down." The big boss walks in and drops the axe - "your department has been eliminated."

This happened to me about a week ago. Part of my requirement is to support my manager in her effort to take over everything that our entire group was once doing. This means training her, explaining things to her, all the while looking for a new job for myself. Exhausting. Trying. Frustrating. Challenging.

So, I've decided that as of 01/02/2008, if I am not employed as a writer with a wonderful organization, I will be gainfully employed as a member of the crew on Sig Hansen's boat (The Northwestern). Slinging crab from sea-foam covered wire cages. Putting bait fish in, throwing the trap back overboard. Ahhh. I could dream of this for a long time. The scent of the sea and the smell of fish and the sweet reward of a giant paycheck and some tasty crab to send to my salivating father.

It's a real show. It's on t.v. - the Deadliest Catch. Can you imagine living in Alaska and making your annual income in 6 weeks? That would provide ample time for salmon fishing, hiking, biking, surf casting, and fly-fishing for sturgeon. I could live like a queen.

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Michele (Rocky Mtn.Girl) said...

I love that show but I think it to be so dangerous and so exhausting. Oh I'm sure it brings in a pretty penny but it really does play a number on the body as well on the brain. So sorry about the job.