Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Transitory Days

We are now into those transitory weeks in which it is too cold to lake or river fish and yet not cold enough to ice fish. It is a strange time for fisher folk, who yearn to fish but cannot.

I stopped in to see my pal at Bobby J's tonight on the way home - to get some lures and tackle for a Christmas gift. He said that he had gone blue fishing yesterday. My eyes widened (of course, hoping for an invitation to go sometime). Personally, I don't mind the cold at all. Even 5 below on the ice without a hut.

Most of my friends think that I am crazy to want to sit out on ice with a few tip-up contraptions and wait for one of the flags to go up. But I say, what is more peaceful than a frozen lake in the wintertime? Crisp branches adorned in a blanket of snow, layers of ice to auger through, snow geese, canadian geese or other waterfowl left behind from the southbound commute. A frozen lake in the winter is an opportunity for solace which for me, is usually a welcomed event.

To date, I have never caught anything ice fishing. I have all of the gear - auger, tip-ups, tackle - all of it. I don't mind waiting for a fish. Again, it is all about patience. Patience in waiting for that strike to send the blood rushing through my veins. Patience is developed, not granted. I have plenty.

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