Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sarah "Pailin' " Likes to Fish

I find myself in a bit of a quandary today having spent most of the day fishing myself. I really shouldn't tease another woman who happens to be passionate about fishing. But this one, I simply can't resist.

She resigns her post as Governor of Alaska (less than a year from the date on which she joined the GOP ticket as the candidate for VP). And she manages to find the time (while fishing with her husband) to grant a few interviews.

Sarah Palin, on camera and in papers, donning chest high waders and a plain white tee shirt. Looking natural, real, and calm. Was it that they didn't allow her enough fishing during the elections? She seemed pretty high strung during those times. Balance Sarah, balance!

At the risk of sharing my complete views on political parties, candidates, and recent events, Sarah Palin's personality makes me want to lean overboard, not jump. Let's say, "chum the waters." She just doesn't stop talking. My concern is that if she fishes, does she talk while doing so? I know that I don't like much conversation when I'm fishing (which is probably why I love to fish alone).

I don't mean to be judgmental. But with a last name like Palin, it makes me wonder why a bucket-making company hasn't patented the following: "Pailin'," by Sarah. The idea is a drop in the "pails" in comparison to other really holds its weight...I mean, isn't she looking for fundraising ideas to raise capital for her next campaign?

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