Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Florida Bans Fish-pedies

For those of you who have been following this story, Florida is now one of many states opting to ban the use of fish to perform fish pedicures. If you recall, I reported on this in my "Foot Peche-ish" entry back in July.

I'm not sure how the governor of Florida (one of the largest fishing states in the country) can actually ban this procedure. But Texas and Washington have banned it. They are arguing that it is for sanitation purposes. In a way, feet "en-pedicure" are serving as a nutrition source for the fish. I must admit that I am not sure how many of my friends would actually let fish suck on their feet. But if they knew how beautiful their feet would look, maybe they would consider it.

The fish, known as Chin Chin, are native Chinese fish that resemble guppies. American salons were introduced to them only recently and now, it is all the rage...click here for a look..until a state government decided to regulate it as "unsanitary."

Why don't state governments regulate tanning beds that increase the risk of skin cancer, driving up our health care costs? Or why don't governments mandate the use of flip-flops in public showers (i.e., at the gym)? The cost (and related problems) of foot and toenail fungus are also unsanitary (and costly). Rather they choose to regulate the use of fish to perform these pedicure functions. Why not compromise and have rules by which each salon must comply? This way we can have our fish-icures and they can eat our feet, too!

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