Wednesday, February 4, 2015

City Fishing

It is hard to find places to fish in the greatest city in the world. I did finally venture to Prospect Park over the summer, and managed to catch nothing (except a rubber and rope dog toy, abandoned by its owner). I just want that spinning of the reel, and the chase of landing a fish. It reminds me of my leisurely spring and summer days and evenings on Oscaleta Lake in South Salem, NY. Living there was a dream. Calm waters. Trout half way down in the middle. I even had my own boat with a quiet, electric motor. I caught fish all of the time and it is times like the present when I realize how much I took that amazing situation for granted. My parents came to visit me a couple of times when I lived there. They loved the thrill of catching lots of different types of fish, from large mouth bass to walleye to perch. It was just an amazing place.

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