Saturday, October 31, 2009

I've Got the "Blues"

No, I am not sad. I just caught 16 (yes, sixteen) bluefish today out of a shared skiff with my pal from BJ's in Milford Harbor. This afternoon into and past dusk.

I cannot begin to emphasize how nice it is to spend time with someone in a boat who doesn't require much in terms of conversation. It seems to me that my life has been requiring a lot more of that lately - talking. I enjoy talking, albeit to the people with whom I enjoy conversing, but when given the opportunity for some solitude, I'll take that for a while.

Upon catching each of these fish, I felt the same rush of excited adrenaline. The excitement of doing something completely fun with a friend - like rushing around a city to catch a show or the excitement of sledding. It is amazing, each time, to have that same feeling. That tug, pull, and then ultimately, returning the fish to the sea.

I find that I am somewhat contemplative today. I had a lovely opportunity to spend a good part of the day doing something that I truly enjoy. But there are other areas of my life that I think about - my work, my family, my love of ...oh, I can't say everything on a blog. I just sense that the universe has something great in store for me.

We'll see how long these "blues" last. Word is that they last as long as you feed them.

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