Friday, June 19, 2009

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, No Fish

Recently, I have been reading many articles on our oceans including articles on oceanic pollution (including plastics and chemicals, to name a few), increased oceanic temperature, and the not-so-surprising disappearance of its residents. This includes fish.

Now I love fish. I love to catch them, put them back, eat them, buy them, and cook (roast, pan fry or grill) all types of fish. But one of the articles focused on what we can do to ensure the longevity of fish species. The argument of the article was that if we maintain this level of depletion for much longer, it is possible that a number of species of fish will become extinct.

When we go to a market, we make economic decisions. The products that we purchase contribute to demand. When there is demand, there is supply. But if there is no demand, supply will dwindle. When applying introductory economic principles to the purchases we make (including the types of fish we buy), we could very likely reverse some of the overfishing that is going on in our oceans.

Click here to see the list of OVERFISHED fish.

Just a while ago, I was promoting a Halibut dish. As long as it is not Atlantic Halibut, I still promote the recipe.

If each one of us can make choices that promote the recovery of certain species of fish, we will all benefit...and so will the mammals (standard predatory cycle in the ocean) that are also consumers.

Choose wisely!

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