Monday, January 12, 2009

Ice, Ice Baby

It's that time of year. The hum of motor powered ice augers on lakes across the northern parts of the country (and world). I have never had the luxury of a motor powered ice auger, but did invest in a manual one. Talk about an arm workout!

Pike, pickerel, trout, salmon - the trick is that if you can stand the cold, the idea will never get old.

I used to use tip ups when ice fishing. That is when I ice fished alone and had multiple holes drilled in the ice. I couldn't keep track of all of them by myself. But when ice fishing with other people, it is kind of fun to have a few holes and a few people in a hut...and a sterno-fired grill with roasted veggies and hot soup. Or whatever.

The idea of ice fishing has changed. It is no longer for the "heartiest," but for those with the most heart - those who want to catch fish no matter the season. Or the reason. It's a great challenge to hook a catch from a hole in the ice - but once the fish is on, you've never felt such a pull! Try it!

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