Monday, September 29, 2008

Silver Sands...

On Sunday, I ventured to Silver Sands State Park to do a little seaside fishing. I had recently gone to this state park on a "picnic/walk date" not really looking at the park from a "fishing perspective." (On that particular night, mind you, we saw an owl fly over us - AMAZINGGGG!!!!) I figured that since I was in Milford, I might as well try out the fishing.

When I got to the park, I walked across the long, environmentally considerate (in other words non-pressured treated wood) bridge that spans the marsh and minute estuaries. Upon reaching the beach, I "hung a ricky" and eyed a stone jetty (I believe it is shown on the website link herein). I spent a good three hours out there, casting a fake eel for stripers and a few smaller metal lures for perhaps a baby blue or a porgy. No dice.

It was an adventure to just go and fish - I always enjoy the solitude and peace that fishing provides. It is a relatively low-key activity that definitely has its own rhythm. Fun times!

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