Sunday, August 26, 2007

Stripers on My Fish Hook Make Me Happy

...sung to the tune of "Sunshine" (on my shoulders, makes me happy) by the late John Denver.
It's the end of the summer. Kids are returning to school...and stripers are running upstream from the ocean to spawn.

In Maine, there are two excellent rivers for striper fishing. The Kennebec River and the St. Georges River. I've only had the fortune of fishing up the St. Georges once and due to mechanical issues, the trip was cut short. This summer, I'm on vacation in Friendship (as we speak) and I'm hoping to get a last minute charter. My aunt and uncle have a 22 ft Grady White with a 175 Yamaha OB. Fishing equipped with a live well. The boat is being pulled mid-week, so I'm not certain I'll get to fish in it.

Stripers are plentiful in August and September in Maine. Most have run the coast and are returning to the river beds. The fall is truly the best time to striper fish in Maine. Perhaps I'll return later in the fall to charter a boat up the Kennebec or St. search of the holy tail.

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Michele said...

Hopefully you will be able to get in plenty of striper fishing in on your vacation! Looking forward to hearing all about it! Have fun!